Zaid Ali and his wife are absolutely adorable

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Zaid Ali is a Pakistani-Canadian Yotube personality and social media figure from Waterloo, Ontario who is best known for his Youtube videos. Yesterday night, Zaid Ali uploaded a video on his official Instagram page with his wife. The video was too adorable that people couldn’t resist the cutest between the two! The comment section was filled with “So cute you both, you guys are goals”.

However, it was quite surprising how things have changed. When Zaid got married, people judged her wife for not being a perfection. But after yesterday’s upload, the hate can be seen but not to much high extend. In fact some of Zaid’s fans have also commented against those who still tried making fun of Zaid’s wife.

Zaid's fan
Negative comments about Zaid’s wife still continue,but Zaid Ali fans had a reply!

That’s a nice gesture by Zaid’s followers. Let’s hope people go easy with the judging and let people live their lives peacefully.