Yaqeen Ka Safar last episode

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Yaqeen ka Safar is coming to an end today and fans can’t get over this.

On other hand, Ahad Raza Mir as Dr.Asfandyar consoles his fans and has a message for all of his fans.
Ahad Raza Mir posted a picture made by a fan. Have a look.

One side of the picture indicates Ahad role at the beginning of the drama and the second side shows Ahad as an confident, independent person. Ahad says;

“This is what I have worked for. For the transformation. To show up people what this story is about. Yaqeen ka Safar is about people, the human experience and how one event can change us forever. Thankyou to all the fans for the love. Enjoy tonight’s episode. “Kabhi kabhi dil chahta hai rasta khattam na hou” Dr.Asfandyar will always be with me like he is with you.”

Yaqeen ka Safar ending is a sad news for all of the fans out there. But the excitement doesn’t seem to go away. Are you guys ready for the last episode? Do tell us in the comments section below how you think the drama will come to an end.