Sonam Kapoor’s Veere Di Wedding in financial trouble

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Sonam Kapoor, along with Kareena Kapoor, were in the phase of completing their movie Veere Di Wedding when things took a huge turn. After the under porformance of movie Flaying Jatt, that was co-produced by Balaji, they have decided not to become partners which Veere Di Wedding and would be freezing their co-producing activities until they get a good business model.

After this decision taken by Balaji, the primary producer, Anil Kapoor, approached Eros to become the co-producer for this movie with an asking price of Rs. 32 Crores but as they are having some of their own problems, hence they won’t be able to invest this much in a movie which doesn’t seem to convince them at this stage. Above all this, Kareena Kapoor is eager to complete her shooting for this movie as she is expecting and wants to take her maternity leaves at the earliest.

So all in all, things are not going well for Veere Di Wedding and hope they get out of this tornado soon with a happy ending.