Na maloom afraad 2 ban lifted

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Na Maloom Afraad 2 is a 2017 Pakistani film, and sequel to 2014’s local comedy thriller film Na Maloom Afraad with different story, co-written and directed by Nabeel Qureshi. The returned starring cast incluees Fahad Mustafa, Javed Sheikh, Mohsin Abbas Haider and Urwa Hocane. Along with Hania Amir in lead role and Marina Khan who made her film debut.

Just last Friday, the government of Punjab issued ban on screening of Na Maloom Afraad 2. According to Fizza Ali Meerza the producer of the film, some random newspaper in Lahore with no credibility wrote that the film has vulgar and inappropriate scenes.

Ban on Na maloom afraad 2 by Punjab government.

Nabeel Qureshi, the director said “The decision to ban the movie is quite surprising given that the movie released more than a monthback and has earned about Rs420 million” He also said that the notification does not even mention a reason as to why it has been banned in the province. Before the release, the censor board had given the movie a go ahead. “How can they take it back?” he asked. Moreover, flim’s producer Fizza Ali Meerza also commented that the excuse for the ban cannot be justified.
Fizza was disappointed with the sudden ban and said that they won’t give up instead she said “Yes, we will fight back. We are not going to stay quiet because this affects our industry as a whole too. We will get the Na Maloom Afraad 2 back in the cinemas.”

A lot of people supported Nabeel Qureshi in this protest. And finally, film was re-examined by the Punjab Film and Censor Board Lahore today. And the ban on Na maloom afraad 2 has been lifted. The Board unanimously declared that no scene/dialogue was found vulgar in the film under consideration.

Ban lifted. Phew!

Qureshi, while speaking to Geo News, said he is quite happy that the ban has been lifted. “It is agood decision by the government and I was hoping for it as the movie did not have any such [controversial] scene.”
“Banning the movie 35 days after its release sets a bad precedent,” he remarked, adding “this is a win of the entire movie industry.”
He also said that the movie is screened “uncut” across the cinemas in Punjab.
Qureshi also tweeted, “Feel really happy to announce that the ban on #namaloomafraad2 has been lifted, film is back in punjab cinemas now, thankyou everyone !!!”

How happy he is!

The ban lifted is a great news for all the Pakistanis out there. It’s actually a win for the whole Pakistani film industry.