Khan finally speaks about Ranbir Kapoor controversy

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Mahira Khan has finally responded to all the bashing that was targeted at her after her pictures of smoking with Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor went viral. After maintaining silence during the entire controversy, Khan finally spoke out.

It took one photo of actress Mahira Khan holding a cigarette on the streets of New York to unleash social havoc and mayhem. The actress was subjected to a whirlwind of criticism, verbal abuse, and harsh judgment. However, many celebrities were at support and Ranbir Kapoor was too involved twitted that Mahira is free to rule over her personal life.Mahira had yet to comment on it all.

While Mahira was present at Verna launch event, news channel Samaa Television approached her for a quick interview. The journalist asked her about the pictures with Ranbir. On which Mahira replied “What can I do about it?” And also said “It’s my personal thing and I have learned from it” Also, she admitted how careful person she is and how film makers have approached her to smoke in films. She went on saying “I have declined those offers because i don’t want to do it simply.

When asked if the photos were from a “film ka scene,” the actress stepped back and said “these are personal questions” and confessed that “it’s very normal for a girl and a guy to hang out and secondly we’ve learned from and it and we have understood that you guys (referring to media) are not in Pakistan only but every where. Have a look at the interview below.

Mahira Khan, has come up with a complete answer to all those in hate. More power to Mahira! Let us know what you think about Mahira’s interview in the comments section below.