Verna latest sound track “Sambhal Sambhal Kay” is out now

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Verna teaser which was out two days ago showed an angry and aggressive Mahira Khan who storms into a room and kills a man in the bath tub. The movie was thought to be purely on violence until today, Verna’s latest track released. It assures that the movie has lighter moments too.

The couple spending quality time together!

The song ‘Sambhal Sambhal Kay’ shows that Mahira Khan and Haroon Shahid, who is playing the role of Mahira’s husband; are on a picnic. The song portraits that they both are having a great time together, and Mahira can be seen giggling and singing the song along with her husband. Meanwhile, Their friend who is accompanying them on the trip is capturing pictures of them on her camera.

Giggles and laughs!

Verna comes out at November 2017. We can’t wait to see the official trailer! Meanwhile, you can watch ‘Sambhal Sambhal Kay’ by clicking on the link below.