Kapil Sharma had another fight with Sunil Grover

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It’s up again. Same people, same media, same reactions.

The household comedian Kapil Sharma had a recent heated argument with former co-performer, Sunil Grover. Previously the fight between the two in the flight had already been a point of attention for viewers all over the world. As a result Sunil had said ‘no’ to working with him anymore. Just days later, Sunil had got a show of his own, while Kapil went on working with a new team.

Once again, it is reported that Kapil didn’t go for a new show launch, saying he was too upset. And everyone certainly knows why. Hence, Sunil and Kapil have made it to the news again. The internet and fans are up for it once again, but we guess that the work must go on. Let’s just hope, the new Kapil show starts soon, bringing laughter yet again.