Kangana Ranaut’s sister lashes out at Hrithik Roshan

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The Kangana and Hritik’s controversy is seemingly getting more and more interesting after so many twists and turns, with one following another. Recently, the news is all around the corner about Kangana’s sister Rangoli Ranaut has taken the fight to Twitter to lash out at Hrithik Roshan for what he did recently relate to this case.

The exceptional actor Hrithik Roshan’s police complaint against Kangana has been leaked. The complaint reads that the Queen, Kangana stalked Hrithik and sent him some explicit and abusive emails and messages.

At this, Kangana’s sister could not help but lash out at Hrithik over twitter. She said,

“This is the best you can do to save your face? Revive same old stalking, sexually harassing baseless complaint? Kangana was in school when your first film came if not in the industry she would have called you her uncle.”

She further added “Young beautiful talented rich girl like Kangana doesn’t need to stalk an uncle like you, u were after her she was never after you.And still, you are going after her to malign her even though you have nothing to say. Everyone can tell who is the stalker here forget about Kangana she has moved on n stalker uncle pls focus on our children and wife Tnx.”

From these tweets, this is apparent that the controversy between the stars is being heated up more and more. After all these statements from Kangana’s side, the ball is now in Hrithik’s court, let’s see what new turn now the story takes. We hope that whatever happens proves to be good for both stars. We also wish for this controversy to end up sooner than soon.