Irrfan Khan reveals the disease he is fighting

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The man of versatility, Irrfan Khan has finally revealed the disease that he is fighting. Prior to this, the actor made a confession using the social media to aware the people who love him about his illness and asked for prayers, wishes and tolerance.

Later his wife informed the fans that Irrfan is still in the phase of fighting each day and the family needs best wishes. She also thanked the fans for understanding at standing by the actor in rough times. Finally the fans have been informed that Irrfan is suffering from a disease called neuroendocrine tumor, a rare kind of growth that can metastasize into cancer.

It’s a hard time for the actor and family. And so for the people who love him. The news has made everyone a little too sad. We pray that he fights well enough and recovers soon, so we get to see more movies of him.