Arth 2 this December

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Arth 2 is an upcoming Pakistan romantic drama film directed and written by Shaan Shahid. The film stars Shaan Shahid himself, Mohib Mirza, Humaima Malik and Uzma Hussan in lead roles. It is a join production of HKC Entertainment, Ali Murtaza’s AAA Motion Pictures and Shaan Shahid’s 5th Element. The film is a remake of Mahesh Bhatt’s 1982 film Arth. The film will be releasing in 21st December 2017 world wide.

Humaima Malik shares a close teaser for the upcoming movie “Arth” featuring Mohib Mirza. Shaan Shahid working behind the camera while Mohib Mirza and Humaima Malik pose for the shot. Humaima wedge sneakers though!